Friday, September 23, 2011

Blood Tide Review

Blood Tide 
 by:Tess Oliver
Available: 2011

Synopsis(from good reads

When four strangers move into Blackpool Cove the same week a tragic shipwreck befalls its shores, Trixie Muldoon waves it off as coincidence. Even the arrival of the appealing, young investigator, David Durham, does not convince her otherwise.

But when a girl disappears, it's obvious something sinister has gripped the quiet, coastal town, and it all leads back to the town's newest inhabitants, including the mysterious Beck Ryker.

Everything about Beck Ryker, his scarred face, his hypnotic gaze, his seemingly tortured past, says heartbreak and regret. Yet Trixie finds herself drawn to him.

But when the tangle of secrets surrounding Beck unravels, Trixie finds herself caught between terror and passion.


My Review:
I will start by saying this book was phenomenal. Tess Oliver takes us back to 1880 to the small coastal town of  Blackpool Cove. Unlike most books I have read this author gives you just enough at certain points to make you want to keep reading. once I caught on to the fact that grandma was hiding something I was dying to know so I keep reading, only to find an even bigger secret. The amount of love that is shared among these characters is breath taking. The big reveal will leave you shocked, but you have to read all the book to uncover it. I truly enjoyed how just when I thought the book had reached its climax something would happen and the book would level out only to climax again. A must read for any paranormal, romance or vampire enthusiast 



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