Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome to Morganville

Ghost Town

Author: Rachel Caine
Published: October 2010

I am such a Morganville fan that I actually started a forum for fans of the series and the author. Check it out if you want the Glass House

For Claire life in Morganville has been a constant roller coaster ride. No matter how much she tries to avoid it, trouble is always lurking behind every corner.  
 These days life in the town seems to be as normal as a native can hope for, but Claire will soon learn that hoping for a normal day in Morganville is something out of a dream. When Claire commits an unspeakable act she is sentenced to spend every moment she has working to repair the town’s computer system so that the town can be safe once again. She does as she is told but soon realizes that something is totally wrong. People in the town are slowly losing their memories and when Michael Glass, Claire's good friend and roommate suffers memory loss Claire realizes she must act fast to fix the problem and make things right again. Will Claire Save the town or will she die trying? 

This is a must read book!! Once you start you will not want to stop until the last page has been read. I absolutely enjoyed every moment of this book and cannot wait till the next one comes out!!!



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