Thursday, November 25, 2010

Throw Back Thursday

I thought this would be fun to post a review of an older book that I have read so I decided to do Throw back Thursday.This weeks book IS from 2003.

                                                                     by: Ken Douglas
                                                                     Published 2003

Maggie Nesbitt is pregnant and depressed, because her husband isn't the father of her unborn child. She's thinking about abortion when she's attacked on the beach. She barely gets away, then gets the shock of her life the next morning when she sees that she has been killed on the news and that her nude body had been dumped in the trash behind a beach side bar.She finds out the body behind the bar is the twin sister she'd been told had died when she was two weeks old. She also learns her twin  has an eight-year-old daughter, Jasmine .Maggie, showing a bump on her head she got while getting away from her attackers, claims partial amnesia and steps into her dead twin's life. This way she can have her baby, give it a home, and save Jasmine from having to go and live with her father, who is a horrible man. But she doesn't know her twin saw someone commit a  murder and that someone thinks he killed the wrong woman. The killer now has to do away with Maggie before he is done away with.

This was a amusing read for me I thought it could of been better but it was a fast read so I would recommend it to someone who is looking for something different to read.


  1. I like this concept. You ought to start a meme. There are lots of books I would like to call attention to from my many years of reading. This book does sound like an interesting thriller. Happy reading old or new!

  2. Pleasant day to you,

    Yes, it does seem like a fun twist to reviewing. Or you can review books that you read years ago as well. Sometimes those books stay with you.

    I have not heard of this one. But it looks good.

    I hope you have an extremely wonderful and thankful day no matter how you spend it.

    Please do stop by anytime for a spot of tea & currently I have a giveaway as well and sign up for a new 2011 reading challenge if you find it worthy.

    Happy Turkey Day,
    Mad Scientist