Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FIfty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Author: E.L James

I have noticed that many people have given this book a five star question is WHY???? I can not believe I actually read this book! By chapter two my inner goddess wanted to reach into the book and strangle the main character, her inner goddess and her sub-conscious. I mean really how clueless can one female be? Well let's meet Anastasia Steele........


Christian Grey....A intimidating yet wealthy business man who is and I quote “fifty shades of fucked up" He is described as a drop dead gorgeous man with the ability to make a girl wet herself with a smile which is probably the case if you are turned on by whips and chains OH MY!!!l. Christian is too much of a controlling jackass to be anything other than a douche bag in my opinion.

The whole basis of this book is a contract!!!
Christian wants Anna to be his submissive and draws up an agreement for her to sign. I don't think that I have ever read anything so outlandish in my life. I mean for real who in their right mind is going to sign on the dotted line just to have sex with someone. Only a desperate woman would degrade herself in order to be Christian Grey's SEX SLAVE   who could honestly get turned on by having your whole life dictated by some sex god on a power trip? I know I sure in the hell wouldn't the whole book is a big WTF..... As in What the F@#k is wrong with the world? Or should I say the female race in general! 

Now on to the things that completely made my blood boil when it came to reading this travesty of a book.
I am trying to understand how it is that for such a goody goody who had never been deflowered until meeting Mr.Grey, managed to perform oral sex on this man almost as good as  if not better than a professional  whore. *cheers to the deep throat queen * I was completely at my wits end with the descriptions in this book, honestly why would you say crap like "I want to f@#k your mouth" and then describe the female genitalia as "my sex", really get with the times already no woman in this century says that crap to a man. As for the characters in this book the only with any common sense is Kate, she can see through Christian Grey and his bullshit! *way to go Kate* I guess the whole reason I am so annoyed is that as a woman I would never and I mean NEVER allow any man control or boss me around I don't care how much money he has or that is he has the biggest dick I have seen I have respect for myself . This book was nothing more than a man’s guide to corporal punishment and rough sex (providing men read it)!!!!


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