Monday, December 12, 2011

#Heroine Tourney... #TeamNora

Hello This is Kimberly I own  Outhouse Reviews and here in the Outhouse we are Team Nora all the way.
Please feel free to follow us here on the blog, @outhousereviews @Kimberlybrasher or on Facebook. Come Join all the fun as we compete to beat our competitor. Let me tell you a bit about Miss Nora Grey...

About her:  
Life for this over achieving high school student has been acceptable, with her best friend Vee beside her she lives a decent exsistance Even as she learns to cope with the death of her father she manages to accept that things are not as they once were. Nora grows as a person with each book. The quiet reserved girl in Hush Hush does a complete 180 and is a strong out spoken fighter in Silence!!
Best Attributes:  
Nora's best attribute is her brain, she has the ability to talk herself out of any situation. She is also not affraid to go out and get the answers she needs to solve her problems.
What Makes Nora a true heroine:  
She is a smart ass with an attitude!!! She can get herself out of trouble just as easily as she gets into it.
Why should we vote for Nora instead of Alex
Our competitor is Alex from Half Blood... unfortunately I have yet to read Half Blood so this is where I get my advantage, I think Nora should ultimately win this round simply cause to me it takes a true heronie to use her brain to gain power over the people who are intending to do her or the people she loves harm.

We urge to Vote!! Help keep The angels happy!!!

This message was approved by: PATCH 


  1. I agree and have already voted for Nora. Plus if Patch says I should then I suppose I shouldn't disagree with him. Good Luck in the Tournament today!