Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wow: Origins of Dark Angel

                This is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine
Here is where we spotlight upcoming releases we are eagerly anticipating.
This weeks waiting is... Origins of Dark Angel by: Melanie NIlles

Before he became the Dark Angel of McClarron, North Dakota, Elis had a life on his homeworld of Inar'Ahben…or tried to. A younger brother tormented by his older sister. A Keeper hunted by the Shirukan. A best friend betrayed. And a survivor sent alone to Earth to protect a shard of the Starfire crystal. For Elis, peace was only a word.
Every story has a beginning. This is the beginning of Dark Angel…

Why I want this book: This book takes us into the story of Elis and how he come to be. Since he is one of my favorite character in this series I want to read more about him and who he is and how he become what he is.


  1. Great cover, sounds good.