Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shadow Walkers Review

Shadow walkers by: Brent Hartinger
Available: February 2011

Synopsis: Living with his grandparents on a tiny island off the Washington State coast, Zach feels cut off from the world. Especially when he's forbidden to chat with his online friends. But then his little brother, Gilbert, is kidnapped. To find him, Zach discovers how to astral project. Soon, his spirit is soaring through the strange and boundless astral realm—a shadow place. 
While searching for his brother, Zach meets a boy named Emory, another astral traveler who's intriguing (and cute). As they track the kidnappers from the astral realm, their bond grows—but each moment could be Gilbert's last. Even worse, there's a menacing, centuries-old creature in their midst that devours souls and possesses physical bodies. And it's hungry for Zach.

When you lose your parents sometimes the only thing you have is your siblings. Imagine your world without them, what would you do if they had disappeared? 

For  16 year old Zach his brother is his life. When their parents died the brothers went to live with their grandparents on a remote island in the state of Washington. Little Gilbert finds many ways to amuse himself, but for Zach being a 16 year old gay boy in a small town there is not much to do except for loose yourself in  cyber space.  Zach finds himself grounded and to pass the time reads an old book on astral projection, a little skeptical of the possibility of there being another dimension he tries it, with no success. 
When a local shop owner gives him some "special" incense he just puts them up, it is not till his brother comes up missing that Zach uses the incense to help project him into another realm. 
It is in this realm while searching for his brother that he meets Emory a boy like himself together the two of them set out to find Gilbert, along the way running into bad things that try to get in the way of their search. The end will leave you astonished.

This book was different from my normal readings. I admit at first I was a bit skeptical I was not liking it, but the more I read the more interested I became and the more I wanted to read. I urge anyone who wants to read this book to just push on you will be surprised .


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