Sunday, February 20, 2011

Running on Empty Review

Running on Empty
A Main Street Mystery
Author: Sandra Balzo
Publisher: Severn House
Available: April 2011

Synopsis: It was the call every adult child dreads:
"AnnaLise? You should come home. Your mother Daisy went and drained all the blood out of poor Ema Bradenham."
Well, maybe not every adult child.
While life on Sutherton's Main Street had often been inexplicably hazardous, the day Daisy Griggs siphoned nearly three pints from Mrs. Brandenham during the annual blood drive seemed to set a new standard, even by the unusual measure of this North Carolina resort town.
Answering the summons, AnnaLise returns home to find Labor Day preparations in full swing. But this traditional celebration promises to be no picnic. People are dying and, unless AnnaLise can figure out why, her mother Daisy may be next.
In the small resort town of  Sutherton, North Carolina secrets can be deadly. A holiday week-end turns fatal for several of the locals. As you get into the book you can't help but wonder if these "accident" are just that or a coincidental result of the homecoming of Annalise Griggs. In this book you become familiar with the characters both past and present, as you encounter each death or mishap you will experience a need to become an amateur sleuth  Each person in town becomes a person of interest. Small town rumors have driven one person to silence the past. You will be shock at the outcome .
A good read for anyone into suspense or small town living.




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