Monday, February 14, 2011

Media Monday

This is a way for us to feature, review and honor all things media that interest us, whether it be movies, music, social sites, or places and events that interest us. 

This weeks media feature is........

This is a place where a friend of mine does his WRITING. I have know this gentleman since I was 15 years old and never would I have imagined that he could have such a talent, I was captivated by his WRITING that I am now sharing it with you, my followers. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. if you do please leave an encouraging message maybe even a follow.

Here is a sneak peak.......... From a walk home

A chilled wind rustled through the trees accompanied by the sounds of wind chimes hung from the multiple apartment balconies. He was alone on his way home from a friend’s house. A shiver cascaded down his spine; he could feel eyes upon him, multiple eyes peeping through blinds, watching his every step as he passed by their windows. The chimes gave off a feeling of being in another world, a place where realities merged. He walked the hundred or so yards back to his apartment lost in his own thoughts, wondering if his middle child was asleep yet, if his wife was still up with the baby? Hopefully the two youngest were asleep then maybe if his wife was willing he'd get her to fool around a bit.

The odds were never in his favor.


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