Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broken Wings Review

Broken Wings
By: Melanie Nellis
Publisher: CreateSpace
Available: 2010

Synopsis: One Shirukan, an elite soldier of the Shirat Empire, came to Earth for Raea's Starfire shard and failed. Aware of the possibility of another attack, Raea trains to use the shard's power to protect it while preparing to graduate from high school. But she discovers that the Keeper training her has betrayed her trust and must decide where her heart belongs. She never imagined that distance from him would mean a universe apart. After the Shirukan attack, she wakes up on the Inari homeworld among those whose loyalties she questions. To return home, she must reach the Crystal Keeper known as Saffir. First, she must elude the thousands of Shirukan between her and freedom

After learning from Elis’ distant cousin about bonding, Raea gets mad and calls a break in the relationship.
This leaves Elis beyond emotional, he knows now that he should have been upfront with the love of his life, now he may never get the chance. On a flight with Nare, the distant cousin Raea is taken through a portal back to the home planet. Elis' is beside himself, he has failed in protecting the crystal keeper and revealed their secret to Josh the best friend of Raea.
 While in the other world Raea fights to become free and make it to the starfire tower where she will have the chance to return home. Along the way she teams up with three rebels who are there to protect her and see her safely home. The betrayal that comes out as Raea is set to make her return to earth will have you wishing  you had starfire powers of your own so that you can do away with the deceitful character.
Raea makes it home safely only to learn of a more important mission awaits her. To find out what lays in store for the crystal keeper and her mate stay tuned June is not that far away.
           I loved loved loved this book I am so anticipating the third book as with any good series you can never anticipate what will come of the beloved characters you grow custom with. I recommend this book or actually this series to anyone who loves a good book. For those who are interested I have these books and would be willing to send them to you so that you can share in my excitement of these books.


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  1. I haven't heard anything about these books so thanks for the review! I'm going to add them to my TBR pile.