Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dan Knight's Journey Review

synopsis: Danny Knight, a child of Manhattan's streets, faces the challenges of growing up poor in the Forties. He befriends Paddy Trolen, a tough kid destined to become a gangster and meets and falls in love with Bunny Weiss,” the prettiest girl in Yorkville.” His parents' broken marriage, five years later, pushes him into a tough West Side High School, where he is recruited by Robert, a master thief, to assist in a series of daring robberies, which ends in the perfectly planned theft of Bette Davis's jewels. Ten years later, he enters the high pressure world of the advertising business. Using his native abilities and the help of a beautiful client, he vaults over others to achieve enormous rewards. His private life sizzles with romances with Bunny, his first girlfriend and Jennifer, a Grace Kelly look-a-like, he meets at the ad agency. When Dan is at the apex of his meteoric career, he finds his life threatened by a long forgotten enemy

Written by: Edward F. Smith

Though I mostly read and review books from the YA genre and usually of the paranormal statue, I sometimes like to venture out and experience literature from different genre's. This is one of those ventures!

Danny Knight grew up poor in New York in the 1940's but finds a way to overcome poverty. Though not always legal Danny manages to live a middle class life on a criminal fund. Along the way he makes friends that stick with him through the years, and it is these friends that he turns to in his time of need .

Edward F. Smith has a way with words.
You can almost smell the food when the characters dine out, when he describes fragrances you want to drop everything a run out a buy a new scent. His phrasing is so descriptive that you can close your eyes and be in New York in 1940. It is this technique that I believe reels the reader in and holds their attention. This is a great read



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