Monday, November 22, 2010

Low Red Moon Review

Low Red Moon

                                                                      By: Ivy Devlin

To me a book hold more meaning and desire when you can personally relate. Having lost my mother when I was a teenager I can understand what it is like to lose a special person at a young age.

The main character Avery, a teenage girl who has grown up in the woods living a sheltered life with her parents is forced to move in with Renee after her parents are killed tragically. Renee who is Avery's grandmother is more of as stranger than family.
      The brutal murder of Avery's parents has shattered her world and she wants nothing more than for things to be back as they were, but the best she can hope for is to the events that played out that tragic night before it is too late for her and those around her.

I enjoyed this book; it was a fast read that I would recommend to someone who wants a good book to read.



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