Monday, November 22, 2010


Follow up to the 2009 best seller Hush Hush!!!!

Life for Nora Grey seems to be back to normal, she has the perfect boyfriend, a supportive best friend and summer has just begun.
  What appears to be the best summer ever soon begins to unravel? Patch, Nora's boyfriend starts to put distance between them after Nora proclaims her love for him. She could have accepted that he need time to accept this but she discovers that her boyfriend is hanging out with her enemy Marcie. So when she learns an old friend is back in town she decides to play patches' game and start hanging out with her new friend.
        Things for Nora become increasingly stranger by the day, from learning of a secret society to seeing her dead father. She begins receiving messages that has her believing that Patch was responsible for her father’s death. In her quest to find the truth she discovers secrets that threaten to tear her family apart. Nora must learn the truth and stay alive.
 This book was more the more interesting of the series. I had to force myself to put it down so that I could get some sleep. I hope the author has another book in the series.


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