Saturday, October 9, 2010

My B-day Contets(ends @ Midnight)

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Today is my Birthday 

To Celebrate one Lucky Follower will Get the gift!!!
The first person to guess my age will win!!!! 
(you must be a follower to play)
The winner will get several books of their choice fom Walmart

Have Fun as I will be doing 


  1. Happy birthday! I'm guessing from your Facebook...30?

  2. hi thanks for stopping by my blog i've never done a blog hop but i'm addicted now i love your blog design
    i am guessing that you are 28 years of age tho i have always been hopeless at guessing peoples ages lol

  3. ps
    happy birthday i will follower your blog as soon as blogger stops playing up

  4. Happy Birthday!! I am going to take a guess and say 29! Great Giveaway for your birthday lol!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I may have to do this for my birthday when it comes around again next year... I'm guessing you turned 32 today????


  6. Happy Birthday! I'm gonna say 34...??? I have never been good at guessing ages but you never know. Hope you've had an awesome one!

  7. happy birthday! I'm guessing 27-28.