Sunday, October 10, 2010

Author Interview

Emma Michaels
Our first author interview is with the author of the book The Thirteenth Chime!!!
 I asked her several Questions and here are the answers:

What inspired you to become a writer

A) When I was younger, I became very ill and was forced to remain in my room. A grandmother decided to give me a first young adult novel to help pass the time. From page one, I was hooked. I finished the book in hours and before you know it was asking about a sequel. I've been reading ever since and within a short amount of time of reading that first novel, I played with several story ideas. I think I became a writer before I even realized how much I enjoyed writing.

Where’s your favorite place to write?

A) My favorite place to write is my writing desk that my fiance and neighbor gave me. It is my own little sanctuary.

Do you have certain things you have to have when writing (music drinks)

A) It varies but I enjoy anything from listening to music (usually to capture a 'mood' when I am writing) to enjoying a piece of chocolate (it's chocolate, no explanation necessary).

If you could collaborate with another author who would it be?

A) Tamora Pearce, P.C. Cast, Amber Benson, Maria V. Snyder, Nancy Holder, Becca Fitzpatrick or my fiance who is actually an amazing writer (if only I could get him to write too!). Though to be perfectly honest I would just love to do a collaboration overall. There are so many amazing authors out there who I think I would be able to enjoy working with.

What are you currently reading

A) Currently, Burned by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, Torment by Lauren Kate and Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink. Normally I only read one novel at a time but I was traveling so couldn't always get to a particular book in the luggage.

Are there any similarities between you and any of your characters?

A) No, not truly. If I have any similarities between myself and another character it would probably be Stephanie. Her heart and spirit is very much like my own.

Is this a standalone book or will there be a sequel?

A) There will be a sequel and it has already been submitted to my publisher. I see at least three to four books in the series "A Sense of Truth", and it is my hope to continue writing this and other series for as long as readers want more. Though I do also have another stand alone novel planned (separate from the series) simply because I haven't been seeing many stand alone books out there lately. Series have gotten to be a lot more common than they used to be and while I absolutely love that I know sometimes it can be nice to pick up a book and get pull closure at the end of it.

fans who love your books, what suggestions do you have for them for similar reads?

A) The Thirteenth Chime is a little different from anything that is currently out on the market, but I think that readers will enjoy books from authors like Sharon Shinn or Tamora Pearce - both are excellent authors with many books that can be enjoyed. I don't really know who else to suggest but anyone who wants some suggestions feel free to browse my Goodreads reviews. I post reviews there a lot more often than on my blog:

Can you give us 5 non spoiler facts about your book

A) Sure!

Fact #1 - I spent almost two years researching the ideas and material for the series "A Sense of Truth", for which The Thirteenth Chime is book #1.

Fact #2 - The port town of Steilacoom and the prison island are both real places.

Fact #3 - The concept of "sense" is based on a real theory that is currently being studied.

Fact #4 - There are many clues throughout the book that will lead readers into future books, don't miss them! :)

Fact #5 - You can definitely expect David and other characters from the book to show up in later sequels, but I won't tell you which ones!

Thank you so much for your time and to everyone reading! I hope you enjoy The Thirteenth Chime!!!
Great Interview I have not yet read this book but it is on my to rad list. I look forward to reading it as well as the sequel!!!  Thank you so much Emma for the chance to get to know you a little better!!!

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